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    You Won’t Read This


     "You Won't Read This"

    You have people who are not conscious. You have people not "woke". They think this political climate is more like a joke. Always making post that don't matter. Yeah, you look bout the same. Then when you ask them whose the Speaker of the House, they can't quote his (soon to be her) name. They didn't vote in elections, they never been to a PTA for their kids but whose rockin' the new Jordan's, yeah that's where they got firsts dibs. They post the new front lace wig. They post walking through the mall. But you ask them how much they saved and they say nothing at all. They don't own a home and they just don't eat right, but you say something about the Cowgirls and they ready to fight. It truly is that complicated, when watching Love and Hip Hop is their life. This post will be underrated because basic reading gives them strife. They are like a mutation of what we should of been. Malcolm X, Harriett Tubman would think we were living in sin. We got this social media. We now have a voice. Stop posting this bullshit before we no longer have a choice. #readon
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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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