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    You deserve flowers


    ​The bouquets of assorted flowers in the fruit section of Walmart never meant much. It never occurred to me that no one had ever given me flowers or that the floral arrangements were symbols of love and admiration. I mean I didn’t feel bad about the fact. I just never thought of it. But as I happened to walk through the store with a male friend of mine, without consciousness, I said, “No one has ever given me flowers”. It was as if I had said something crazy to him, as he responded, “really”, “never”? We continued going through the store looking for the items we had come there for. Once we got in line, I saw my friend with the most beautiful bouquet of carniations and what I felt I can’t articulate into words. My eyes widen like a child as he said jokingly, “what makes you think they are for you.”? My face grinned from ear to ear as he made the $6.98 transaction. He carried all the bags out with the exception of the flowers, so I picked them up, exiting the store like a bride. We got into the car and he checked his online banking and said, “I have exactly $1 left in my bank account”. I was like, “oh my God, I’m so sorry”. He responded, “No, that’s what the money was for. You deserve flowers”. 

    12 Years for Lyrics??? NaNa
    I’m not slow . . .


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    Sunday, 25 August 2019
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