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    ​Daughters, future mothers, sustainers of creation, have we let you down? Have we forgotten to nurture you into the tremendous role of woman? Have we left you for the predator to devour, not taking into consideration that the serpent has sexualized your image, molested your purity and raped your minds? Have we exploited the budding of your breast and the flow of your Nile? Have we ignored the sensations of your vulva and the urges of your temple? Did we chain you with the ideology of religious relics, causing you to believe that just being woman is a sin? Oh sweet daughter, did we truly explain to you that what’s between your legs is certainly captivating but has the capacity to enslave your soul? Did we inform you that the passage creates vulnerability yet truth? Have we explained that exploration with yourself is not evil? Dear future mother, did we enrich you with the necessity of father to be mother? Did we excite you about the beauty that is within; a climatic journey that will one day give you life? Did we tell you, that he will despise you if you just give it away? Did we say he is eager to trick you to get it and if you give it up before it’s time, you will never be the one; the one that is Queen over his heart.  Sustainer of creation, did we give you the words to tell the daughters and mothers that their bodies are the root? Did we encourage you to never have shame? Did we give you insight to laugh and be aroused by being woman? Did you keep the flame that would always burn? Woman

    I’m not slow . . .
    Go sit yo ass down somewhere . . .


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    Sunday, 25 August 2019
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