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    Weed Control


    ​Many have foolishly attempted gardening, as the realization that we are being poisoned by processed and fast food chains sink in. Yet one of the most common problems with this undertaking is most don’t know the difference between a plant and a weed. Just for the record, a plant wants to feed you, a weed wants to kill you. For example, it is common to plant cucumbers and later find that as buds of green manifest, it produces nothing but weeds. We watch the little suckers and adore the green bud until we notice something is wrong but by that time it is too late. They have climbed up our gutters, sucking the life out of all sustabliable vegetation and some are so beautiful, you can’t even tell they are weeds. They grace our gardens like spring flowers, showing their true ugly face once all other plant life in the garden is dead. A depressing show, they lie right up under the seeds and kill the innocent plant in plain sight. They stick their roots right in the plants soil with the intent to murder. Isn’t it ironic how we practice this same evil trait being members of life. If we only used weed control by turning off our hearts and paying closer attention to our minds this would never happen. You see if you place your roots in my soil you have taken my life. But the purpose of the weed is to kill, not wanting to share and enjoy space. It’s purpose is to devour and take over and it will never be a plant even if that’s what you call it.  

    I’m not Darlington
    Always Faithful to God

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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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