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    The Bad Rap of the Preacher


    ​I would argue that some of the greatest civil rights work toward social justice has been lead by American Black preachers, with Dr. King at the forefront of it all. I would debate that our preachers were the first “grass roots” organizers with Nat Turner at the helm. I would dispute anyone that minimizes the impact of Black Preachers being forefathers of the Black American Liberation Struggle, don’t know what struggle is. But somewhere along the way, we as preachers have lost our street creed. We have taken the hits for the pseudo preacher that flashes greed and their own prosperity. This is no better than the slave master; putting Black folks in economic bondage and financial slavery with the appealing lure of tithes and offerings getting you to heaven. This makes you an oppressor. “We got rent to pay and babies to feed.” Churches filled up with women, yet we “take from our women, we rape our women, do we hate our women” as the Prophet Tupac said. Preachers have caught wreck with mega churches ignoring the NAACP, Black Lives Matter and the Me Too Movement, using the excuse that they are a Christ Centered Church; knowing through seminary Christ was the most radical Black man of His time; still holding the #1 best seller. The days are gone when preachers like King and Malcolm, Biggie and Tupac had to lose their lives just so you would think. The respect for the preacher is gone, even if the majority like myself do it for free. The reverence for the preacher has disseminated in televangelists and prayer cloths for a $50 love offer. The plate is passed around too much. Ask me once and we good.  And the legacy of Dr. King is convoluted in the “I Have a Dream” speech. I do wonder if the modern day preacher gets it. Does the rap artist get it? Does the teacher get it? Does anyone with a voice that can empower change get it or will Dr. King and the legacy of the Black preacher just have a bad rap. 

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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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