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    Someone said I do not say enough about how Black females fall short and I'm quick to jump on Black men. I slept on this last night and my reasoning has been that some Black women have been deaf for a long time and I felt hopeless dealing with some of my sisters. The betrayal that comes out of this village for me has been grievous to say the least. I am actually heartbroken by some of these females. They are shallow zombies, lacking substance or virtue. They put more energy into their hair than the development of their children. They use their bodies as tools of persuasion and they mock the company of good counsel. They gossip and offend, being tantalized by chants that degrade them and subjugate them to oppression. They laugh at other sisters short comings, at times being the lynch mob to one another. In a matter of 50 years, this mutated image of our Black Queen has served at the disposal of media degenerates and the entertainment industry. And while there is a subculture of intellectual, powerful, Angela Davis like women, those women want nothing to do with the lost ones, the ones that suck the last life out of Black men fancied by money and cars; being strippers, dancing in bars. If I see one more image of a Black Woman on FB giving head . . . One more image of her ass hanging out like she is dead. I don't come for her because the damage is already too much. I go for the Black Man because it's his soul I may be able to touch. 
    The 4th of July Mirage
    Shut’em Down

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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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