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    She Sat Like Rosa Parks


     Therese Okoumou was not only bold in her actions but fearless in her efforts to take down #45 and this systematic racist system that put immigrant babies in cages. When unintelligent people have nothing to say, they name call and Donald Trump of course called her a clown for her heroics. But to me she is a refreshing rememberence when women sat on buses and at lunch counters when the law said otherwise. It reminds one when they held up fist and marched locked arm and arm. Ms. Okoumou faces 3 felony counts that can lead to 18 months in prison but we need to continue to say her name and put pressure on the judicial system so that doesn’t happen. We need to plan marches and rally’s, prepare speeches and discussions. Let’s not just let this story fade out of the limelight. She is holding our torch, a Black Women, lady liberty. 

    8 Reasons Why Black People Should Resist #45
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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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