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    ​I took care of your kids, while you laid in her bed. I honored your name knowing our relationship was dead. You separated our families . . .  a coward needs someone on their side. You made me do the dirty work but for the kids I let it ride. You threw dirt on our castle because I demanded child support, but a real man cares for his kids without ever going to court. Weeks turned into months without you visiting your seed, yet I held down the fort, giving them what they need. The mocks and snares came, as I did it alone. This sometimes tilted my crown but never taking me from the throne. I was consistent like the sun, while some thought they were watching me burn. But I wanted respect and for my young kids to learn, that a mother will rise from all pain just to esteem, the title she was born for, their mother, their Queen. 

    You Won’t Read This
    My Boring Ass Life


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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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