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    I was humiliated into my business. I was shamed into being the “boss”, with haters waiting for my failure. Nobody wanted to stand side by side with Dearest. I was taunted, mocked, thrown away by a whole circle of people that I called family, so I wrote. I wrote in the small bedroom of my mother’s house after losing everything to love . . .  no stupidity. I wrote on jobs that were well beneath me but I took just to get back in the game. I wrote in the Uber Ride not having a car for almost a year. I wrote in the hospital, health failing, but knowing that I was gonna get it write no right this time. I wrote pass the tears. I wrote facing the fears. I just wrote. And for a long time people laughed, some not giving me credit others slandering my name. My name was all I had to stay in the game and when I would see people steal my words or draw conclusions about me, I would cry but still wrote. Then like water, God gave me the vision for Agape Voice. I would only publish men cause they caused so much of my pain and I needed to know what the fuck they had to say. It wasn’t easy, cause I’m a sexy broad. I was married with two kids, trying to stay in the Lord, a husband in jail, who dumped his own wife. Debt up to my eye balls, contemplating on taking my life. But it was the shame that pushed me. The hurt that made me write. The turn around was when I said, Lord I want back my life. He gave me the tools to find authors and develop a team. He had books pouring out and I thought this must be a dream but he had me return to the pages that started it all. Disguised as God, my first novel when I started to fall. He said pick up your paper and draw with the pen. Write this time with passion and I will let you win again. So I followed His direction and corrected, did not cease, Disguised as God will build Agape, with a 9/11 release. #beenwinning

    She Sat Like Rosa Parks
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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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