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    Corruption vs. Correction - by Salute Da Philosopher


    Spending the last seven years in here, prision, I can say, being incarcerated doesn't mean that you'll change for the better. It wasn’t created to rehabilitate. The Department of Corrections is suppose to be a form of helping people correct their ways but it actually corrupts instead of correcting behavior. Life on the inside is not what you see on TV. There is so much you have to deal with here. 

    If I were to choose the single most debilitating thing to deal with in prison, I would say it was the guards. They are the overseers, in many cases, abusing power that the government gave them. Their job is to protect the inmates and be the problem solvers yet that's not the case most of the time. Most guards are only there to make life harder than what it already is. They like to abuse their power. They harass inmates and will write them up for no reason, knowing that will stop inmates from going home. 

    The Parole Board is another story. People are incarcerated for many many years and have gotten in little or no trouble but the Parole Board still denies them the opportunity to go home. Like really??!!! How can you possibly prove yourself ready to reenter society if you are not given the chance. Then the people that are steady getting into trouble are the ones who are allowed to make Parole. The system is backwards! 

    They really don't want to see convicts do better. They always judge inmates from their past but, never by the process that they have made. Inmates can take a number of classes and programs that the system has to offer but it's still not enough to prove anything. They never even look at the good; always the bad. 

    If an inmate and guard get into it, the guard is always right no matter what. They jump on inmates and mistreat them most of the time for no reason. Then if the inmate writes a complaint it goes to the warden and the warden still sides with the guard. Sometimes it never even makes it to the warden. I refuse to return to such a corrupt system. It's just like the slavery. They make us eat slop and go through bs. The guards bring their problems from home to work like we have anything to do with it. 

    Another serious problem is inmate on inmate bs. They categorize all of us the same so that means I can be laying beside a person with no mind at all. Everyday there is drama. Black on black, white on white, Black on white, Gang on gang. They basically put us in the same place to kill each other. Then when something happens they tell our people that we had a accident or die from natural causes. We are not receiving the proper help we need physically or mentally. This is something that has been going on for along time. This is corruption not correction.

    “Dearest Husband”, May - by Salute Da Philosopher ...
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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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