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    My Flesh Can Not See


    God is truly awesome and to Him I give all the Honor and the Praise. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, for whom shall I fear. . .

    Over the last month, God has been forging partnerships and breaking strongholds in my life. God has removed key players replacing them with powerhouses that I couldn't see in the flesh. I can be nothing but transparent for the Glory of God. Some may call it vulnerable, while others say crazy. I'm cool with that but you will not keep my mind in bondage because you don't have ears to hear. I will write until I die. I'm fighting for oppressed women, educational inequalities and fair housing.

    Some say, stop putting your business on FB and usually I'm pretty general but this is what you read. You don't read books or journals, because I write them. You like memes instead of blogs. Half of you don't know what a periodical is. So I write you today FB because although you won't hit that little blue "like" button, exposing who you are, my traffic report tells me this is where you are at.

    This has been a cruel summer. You see, the last steps are being taken in what I will call an extremely nasty divorce between me and my spouse. I walked in shame for about 5 years over it, embarrassed to seek help, shamed to write because trolls would come after me and everybody was saying just be quiet. Messages from my husband's camp were passed on that I was crazy and would never amount to anything. He has even had social events talking about me, disparaging me.

    Yes I said husband because regardless of what you thought it was, he signed the paper.

    Some tried to put a scarlet letter not only on me but my babies as well but I wore that "S", alone like a champ. Some of my FB watchers that "liked" my post, revered a man that I rode with in the Fed's, not as some whore or gold digger but as a wife. He was someone I allowed my precious children to see. He was someone who even talked to my mother. Folks would criticize me but saw nothing wrong with a former "dope boy" serving 10 years playing out a teacher with 2 kids.

    He knew what he was getting into saying he loved everything about me but my mouth, which I know now was a lie. He loved nothing about me. His mind was incarcerated and he was just trying to survive. Yet he inspired me to push this gift though, writing him thousands of letters, that still belong to me. I had family warn me of his narcissistic ways, who now brag about they told me so. All I can say is, "this was my assignment. You have no power in heaven nor hell to change it."

    Now some may say he is not your husband but he tells me different. He walks in the audacity of wrong from your glory. He thinks it's a game already asking my business team to do interviews on him about Incarcerated relationships, like I don't own Black Line News and all the lines under it. I swear I'm curious but I ain't ready. And should I try to capitalize on 1 Black man's mental illness?

    So, I have not seen this person in almost 3 years. Do I think he has changed? Of course. Everyone changes but he was never bold enough to tell me about how he conned me. He was not bold enough to post on my wall but stays in my dm. He is not the man I thought he was and now refers to me as only an investment that he will never gain from. He calls me with women laughing in the background wanting stuff, material stuff, with no consciousness of what he has done.

    So, to all those who listened to his stories, was engaged in the shame to say my name, did not open your mouth in defense of me or who blocked me because of him, I wish you the best life but not in mine. For all the sisters that trashed me; Dearest, who does nothing but stand for women because you thought you was gonna be something in his come up, I just feel sorry for you. For all the family, who took a side, family that has the same blood as mine flowing through your veins, I give him to you. Because as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I never pumped poison in anyone's veins but I have rallied for the Black Man, who even after my hurt and pain, my feelings haven't changed. I lost business associates. I was fired and laid off from jobs. I was homeless. I was abused. I was depressed beyond comprehension, if not for God.

    Now here is the hardest part. My fellow preachers, who preach the gospel, where were/are you? How do you ignore the bad behavior of Jacob and allow so many Leah's to die? How do you never even ask the dope man about his ways but let sisters fill your pews. This is not my story. There are 2.9 million men incarcerated and some got 2 or 3 ladies filing their books. Some got 10 kids they don't support cause we let them off the hook. When are you gonna stop glorifying dope and giving Black people back their hope? You can't tell me I'm anointed and ignore the sins of the former dope boy in your church. You can't pop bottles and praise. You can't come defile the altar with your obvious blinders to what is ultimately destroying our communities; divisiveness.

    Break ups happen. Divorces occur, this is my second but as long as we lift up demonic behavior and not call our people to the rug, we will surely die. The shootings are narcissistic. The abuses are narcissistic. The hate is narcissistic. Our government is narcissistic. "D" you are narcissistic.

    When he was released from prison, I wondered how many were bold enough, Godly enough, strong enough, righteous enough to say, "Yo, D, how is your wife?"

    And so our villages are narcissistic. "But I've never seen the righteous gorse Hold up families. Hold up husbands and wives. Hold up children. Hold up communities. Hold up those locked up. Hold up the preacher. Hold up love. I know this is more than most will read in a whole year but if you have gotten to the bottom of this page Hold Me Up by posting a ❤️.

    Black Line News with the collaboration of Katris Wright will make its first million by December 31st. We are making communities stronger. Building on unity. ~ Sister Dearest Price

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    Sunday, 25 August 2019
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