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    My Boring Ass Life


    ​When you left me, I remember you saying, “with your boring ass life . . .”, as if that was a jab. I chalked it up as being bad with men and returned to the lab. I was living this irony, the way you would abuse and poke fun at me. Trying to add you to all that was great about me, was sheer buffoonery, I now see.  In this boring ass life, I was making my own; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, never taking out a loan. I was building my knowledge by reading everyday. While you sipped on Hennessy, real estate ventures became a friend to me. Never stepping in a club, reading my kids bedtime stories, giving them a hug. Yeah, that seems like a real boring life but I never was a trick; always served as a wife. You clowned my cheap Dodge, even if it was paid in full. You told what we did in bed and I tolerated your bull. But the day you left was when I began to prosper. Never needing your drama but it definitely deserved an Oscar. I’m just loving my kids and unlike you don’t need to hoe around. You see, we were definitely in the circus but you was the only clown. I am saving for the kids college and your games I will no longer play. It was a boring ass life if I had let you stay. The definition of boring is dull, stale and dry. Prophet you couldn’t have a better life than mine, even if you would try. To God Be the Glory for my dynamic life and my “sun” and “sunshine”. ~Dearest Price

    “Disguised as God”

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    Guest - Ronald D Brown on Wednesday, 28 November 2018 12:38

    Deep and real. A short story of triumph love it!

    Deep and real. A short story of triumph love it!
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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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