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    Lock Santa and Franklin Up


    As a culture we never decided collectively if we wanted to conform to all this Santa Claus and Easter Bunny business which was concocted by big business of course. A lie that enslaves us to debt and regret, may be looked upon one day as being just as deceitful as American slavery. Because as we know, debt is bondage. We were hoodwinked into thinking that this had anything to do with God as these characters distracted us from the real US religion which is capitalism. We took away the lesson from our children, that our giving takes hard work and gave the credit to St. Nick and some elves. While some trout around blaming Jesus for the trickery, I blame Franklin, who sucks back his currency as quickly as he pays it to us. 

    Dearest Price didn't buy one Christmas gift this year. She has not entered one mall, nor wrapped one present but instead, she is being still and changing the culture and the expectation of these pseudo Holy Days. Now I have no problem with gift giving and true Holy Day Joy but when it comes again next year, I will fiscally be prepared for it. As I buy monthly gifts, I will also put a monthly payment on college savings, mutual funds, stocks and stuff like that. I will be fasting and praying this year so the God in me can support my commitment. I will be making a demand for discipline, generational wealth and happiness. I will reward my two children after that date with several gifts based on their age and I will not go in debt for it. I love the Holy Days not the shopping craze. Agape🙏🏾 May your Day to Worship Christ be filled with reflection, humility, joy and love. ~Dearest Price
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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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