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    Love Played Me

    Love Played Me

    ​I wrote "Disguised as God" in the most disquietude state. And all I could tell myself is I need to get this off of me. I wrote the book through the tears and anguish I was facing not taking into account it wasn't ready. I published the book at the end of September, facing abandonment, divorce papers, homelessness and depression all at the same time. And I hated the idea of love because it played me. Book sales were slow with family even ignoring that I was two seconds from jumping off of the 3 story balcony of the apartment that I had just lost. I was dead from a man that I never even touched. I never saw his bare chest or woke up to him. I never went out on a date with him or even gone on a walk with him with the exception of behind bars. Well, that's what had left me. That is what didn't want me. He left me by stopping calls and closing accounts. And my 40 something body that hadn't been touched in years was nothing but dead to the world. I wrote the book to get it all off me but it wasn't ready.  

    Arrogant Slave
    Strength in your darkness . . .


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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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