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    Independence Day


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    Liberating Eve - I write my best when everyone is asleep and I am completely alone. In those moments I don't worry about being wrong or right. In those moments I have an armor for the pain and my tears only serve as the lubricant to press through all of the buffoonery that I allowed . . . that I allowed. When I first released, "Disguised as God", I couldn't take responsibility. I was convinced that I was the "damsel in distress". I couldn't accept what I did, who I was; a shallow and empty person, vulnerable and useless. So, my words were cryptic nonsense in a sense, with those that truly knew Dearest, understanding that this wasn't my best work. It wasn't until almost a year later, while I laid amongst the rocks of the bottom that I knew I had to take away some of the lies and give the readers the truth about Eva. The truth that would set her free.

    70 days from this pseudo Independence Day, I will be reopening Pandora's Box and liberating Eve from the shame of eating the forbidden fruit. I have close to 5000 friends on social media and I want each of you to buy a copy. I am truly humbled to have each of you as friends. My original followers, will receive their book for free and I know who you are. 70 Days from now, Dearest will release the literary giant within. 70 Days from now on September 11th will be Independence Day. Agape


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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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