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    I’m not slow . . .


    ​The first time we laid together confirmed he didn’t love me but he was so good as he grinded above me. I mean I was astounded by how he just took me, licking every inch, killing my spine with ecstasy in me. I never got it that way before but I knew he didn’t love me. Kissing my lips below my blouse, doing those things to me. Turning me around, left to right, not looking at me, but keeping me in sight; I knew he didn’t love me. Climaxing at the same time, making me scream, give it to me. Wanting to taste him like he did for me but I was certain he didn’t love me. My mouth stayed dry because he really didn’t kiss me. As he laid by my side, I knew he wouldn’t miss me. A tear fell from my eye, as he would eventually diss me. I’m not slow, always knowing he really didn’t love me. 

    You deserve flowers

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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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