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    I’m Not Salisbury


    Change is local. I know that for certain and when I decided to branch out to create local publications throughout the East Coast and eventually nationally, I caught so much resistance and flack from my own people. "You're not from Salisbury". "You gonna fail out here". No, I'm not from Salisbury. I am idealistic woman, a visionary from Queens, NY, raised on Strong Island, that seeks to build Black wealth through the creation of our own; our own publications, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, community centers and so on and so forth. I am Black. I am the owner and CEO of Agape Voice Publishing, LLC. I am the mother of two. I am a teacher and a preacher in Salisbury; a published author and a doctoral candidate but I'm not Salisbury. I am a member of the NAACP, Black Lives Matter and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated but I'm not Salisbury. I've been homeless, had my car reprocessed and my man left but I'm not Salisbury. I don't like the direction of this government and I'm not happy with the results of the Black Church but Dearest is not Salisbury. I have been shamed, disillusioned and disappointed but I'm not Salisbury. I'm not Salisbury because although you may find something you can relate to in me, I'm not local. I don't live there. I wasn't born there. So, I inquired and sought someone to lead the charge of Editor for Black Salisbury and no one but God has blessed me with Anansa Latimore. She is an advocate, a powerhouse in the community and most importantly, she is Salisbury. Black Salisbury wants to build wealth. We want to build consciousness and create jobs in Salisbury. We want to influence legislation in Salisbury because although I'm not Salisbury, I am Black. Change is local. I humbly request your support. We need businesses and leaders but most of all we need locals. Support Black Salisbury and Editor Anansa Latimore. Agape🥀

    Black Salisbury is a commerce network that connects businesses, leaders and most important, locals through news publications, social media and word of mouth

    Black Line
    I’m not Willingboro

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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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