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    He Ain’t Yo Husband


    While you crying over spoiled milk he's putting a smile on someone else's face. Why are you crying? It's obvious that he didn't care about you to begin with. Most people in prison tend to look for comfort from whoever is willing to give it to them at the moment. So, they do watever they have to do to get it. Lying and manipulation is two of the main things. Don't be fooled into thinking that he lost something other than your time. Cause it definitely wasn't your husband! It doesn't matter wat title you think u hold or wat type of paper work that yall got on each other. Dude wasted you and your babies time all bCuz he wasn't man enough to just keep it real. He used u for visitations, pen pal, comfort and whatever else he squeezed out of u. Time is the only thing u should be crying over. But sense then u have become a Boss!!!!!! He actually helped you when u think about it. You finally winning! Dry your eyes. Don't let him keep winning. Smile, the cameras are watching u. 

    Salute Da Philosopher 

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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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