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    Fill Your Tank

    Fill Up That Tank
    Christmas Message

    By Sister Dearest Price
    Artist - Kehinde Wiley

    I've died a thousand times in order to "get though this thing called life", as Prince would so awesomely say. "Yea, though I walk through. . . " Some seasons my cup has overflowed and at other times the cracks held nothing. Yet to die is to be emptied of it all. We die to disappointment. We die to complacency. We die to relationships and defeats. We die to addictions and attitudes. We die to humiliations and sicknesses. We die to horror and disquietude. We die to this flesh; yes we will die to this flesh and the very vessel that holds our fillings will be destroyed and our spirits will return to its source. Scientifically we know that we are but atoms, never dying, never going away.
    If I was to tell you that those deaths mean nothing in the scheme of Christmas, would you believe me? If I were to tell you we live to Christ would you understand? You see the ultimate lesson of Christ is simply to die to self. And each year many celebrate a birth without correlating the death. Yet all a birth is, is a path to a death. As we come that much closer to being emptied we must realize that in this world we need to be filled. We are living vessels. We need love, joy, laughter, song and death is the act of being emptied of all that and entering something much greater.
    So what is the true meaning of Christmas. Is it the narrative that shows us that He died on the cross for all sin and transgressions? Some will argue with me when I say no. Christmas is the opposite homage. It is the filing of the vessel. It is the life of Jesus. It is the word. It is the tears. It is the hugs. It is the giving. It is the pouring in of love. It is the gift of forgiveness. It is the act of letting go. It is the time where you call that woman that you said terrible things about and fill her up with your more. It is the time when you hold close to that man who just couldn't find his way this year. It is a time where you play Santa if you like passing away all credit to a fat, old, white man. It is the time you smile and sing. It is the time when you visit those in their last seasons and shower them with the love of the Lord.
    I'm a simple woman. I don't think too analytical but I can tell you Christmas is the time to fill up that tank, in some cases for the last time because one day it will be poured out . God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, as a gift, so we can fill up on love and have everlasting life. May the Lord Bless you this Christmas. May your cup runneth over. May you seek His face. Your love will illuminate His. Your love looks just like His. Your love is His. Matthew 1:18.
    Joseph, A True Stepdaddy
    Lock Santa and Franklin Up


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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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