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    “Dearest Husband” - June - by Salute Da Philosopher and Dearest

    June 2
    Dearest Husband,
    I'm not sure why you are pissed about me asking a question. If it was nothing you wouldn't feel any kind of way. I'm going to table that until we speak in person though. I couldn't make it up there last week and I feel lost without you. I need new glasses Hun. It's like my vision keeps going in and out. I definitely can't come Friday evenings anymore because I can't see nothing down those dark roads. I swear after that 4 hour drive my body is tore up. Only on my right side though. I know you need things too. I put the $80 on your books but I used the cash advance from the credit card. I also paid your baby girls cell. Tamar and I have been getting along really well. I got their internet on in my name so she can use the phone like she wants. I just have to come up with money for the car registration. I so appreciate your brother getting me a car but there are so many expenses.
    I can barely walk today but I swear I'm not complaining. I think I have to break down and buy a mattress husband because the floor has taken its toll. The kids are great. Faith was so excited getting a letter from you and the boys are busy as always. I love you so much. Please don't be angry about a question. I know this season is almost done. We are about to hit year seven. That's the year of completion love. I’m just ready for you to come home. Our anniversary will be here soon.  Eva

    June 13
    I need my wife to continue to obey her husband. I will never misguide you or lead you astray. Always think about our marriage and children before anything else and stay in your place. End of discussion! I'm not sure who think you're dealing with, but I will gladly remind you. You starting to become non-beneficial to me in here, for real. Remember you're an investment, so don’t fail me because everything can be replaced. Yes I love you, but love don’t keep people together. If I didn't love you I would've been left. I need my wife to be squeaky clean. I don’t need no dirt dug up on my wife. You got a lot going on. And the things you do for the kids don’t go unnoticed but remember, I’m a survivor. I don’t need nobody. About this visitation thang, I don't care if you can't see properly you need to be up here next week. Don't buy no mattress either. Stay sleeping on the floor it's not gone hurt you. We had a agreement, so stick to it. I will not repeat myself like I'm some damn recorder. The only reason I'm so hard on you is to get in right. Tough love is the best love. You hold my last name. Don’t embarrass me. 

    June 19

    Dearest Husband, 

    I can't afford a mattress anyway and the glasses are like $1200 and there is only $500 left on the Capital One card. Please don't talk to me like I'm an idiot and as far as replacing me, do what you have to. I'm just tired. I need to find a regular job because this teaching community college just doesn't cut it. I want to teach but the hours make it hard to get to you. Why did you send back the photo of the ring I want when you get out? You have a platinum ring that well exceeds the prisons $100 limit. And what are you talking about keeping a squeaky clean image. I’m just working and taking care of kids. I'm in love with you. I can't imagine saying the things you say. I plan my life around you. My kids love you, so I'm just going to ignore your tantrum. See you Friday.

    June 29

    I apologize for speaking to you in such a manner. Being in here is just stressful. I really need you and couldn't imagine life without you. Just please start writing me more. It’s Friday and I’m hoping to see you today. I really need some money on my books too. I’m trying not to ask Athaliah  but you know my sister was sending $200 and $300 at a time before you. I’m making a sacrifice too. You know I love you. I would not have made you my wife if I didn't. Send me the picture of the ring back. I felt less of a man when you sent it because truth be told you deserve that ring now. I'ma get it for you when I'm released I promise. Baby I know you don't like doing this but I need what we talked about last visitation. It's money to be made and you're the only person I have in my corner right now. My kids said they need a few things too. So I'm trying to help you help them. Thanks for being so patient and understanding with me. I love you too. You're my wife and that will never change. Our anniversary is tomorrow and I saved a couple of minutes to call you. You're doing a wonderful job. Your husband. 

    June 29

    Dearest Husband, 

    I'm sick. I just can't get myself together. I can't afford the doctor but I may have to go to the er. Your baby mama needs $490 for her utility bill. She said she can't see us lasting past a year once you get out. I'm in this forever. Well, I just don't have $490, so I text your twin. She hates me and has no idea why. I don't understand how you can't calm your own sister down so of course she blocked me. It doesn't make any sense. I put money on your books, visit you and she still has nothing but hate in her heart for me. I can't muster the energy to care though. I love you. I won't make it out there this week. In all these years I never missed a weekend, especially our anniversary hun and look at me now. I'm so sorry. I feel so bad. I love my husband. I'm gonna figure it out. Mommy has the kids. I will make it all up to you. Eva

    June 30


    Happy Anniversary love. I can’t wait to hear your voice. I saved minutes to speak to you. I really hope that you get well soon. Please don't be bothered by how my sister feels about you, remember I'm your husband and we are a team. I'm the one you'll have to wake up every morning not get or anybody else. Nobody has to ever understand our relationship, but they will respect it. Don't let NOTHING or NO-ONE come in between what we have going on. You Ford Tough girl. Continue to be here for your husband. I really hope that you're feeling better soon so you'll be able to come visit me. Visitation are everything to me. You're my biggest supporter. I'll talk to my sister and baby mama don't worry about it. You never responded to my question in the last letter... Why is that? Please get will soon I need you. Sincerely your Husband.

    June 30

    Dearest Husband,
    I'm all over the place. I don't know what question I didn't answer. Today is our anniversary and not being with you has me insane. Did you talk to your sister? She has got to chill. She is spreading lies about me and it's getting back to my family. I saw your email where you said your sister visited. It's only been 3 years. Is it because I can't get up there? You have been so quiet lately. I haven't gotten an email this whole week from you. I suppose to met with one of your friends about doing some art work for me. But they canceled at the last minute. I am just wondering if something is going on. I love you so much. I wish you could be here because I am just not feeling well. Please write me back and let me know you are ok.

    June 30

    1:45 pm

    Dearest Husband,
    It was so nice hearing your voice yesterday. Seven years and we are still strong. I hope you like the card. Make sure you write me back. I love you.

    June 30

    7:29 pm

    It's says I'm blocked from your email and I haven't heard from you. Please give me a call.It's says I'm blocked from your email and I haven't heard from you. Please give me a call.

    June 30

    11:11 pm

    I went to get gas and the credit card declined. I called and they said I'm not authorized to use the card that I opened. My Spider-Man account was also closed. Don't be a coward. Call me.

    “Booga Town” by Rebecca Stinson
    He Ain’t Yo Husband

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