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    “Dearest Husband” - July


    Dearest Husband, 

    I'm all over the place. I don't know what question I didn't answer. Saturday is our anniversary but I don't think I will make it up there. Did you talk to your sister? She has got to chill. She is spreading lies about me and it's getting back to my family. I saw your email where you said your sister visited. It's only been 3 years. Is it because I can't get up there? You have been so quiet lately. I haven't gotten an email this whole week from you. I suppose to met with one of your friends about doing some art work for me but they canceled at the last minute. I am just wondering if something is going on. I love you so much. I wish you could be here because I am just not feeling well. Please write me back and let me know you are ok.
    Dearest Husband,
    It was so nice hearing your voice yesterday. Seven years and we are still strong. I hope you like the card. Make sure you write me back. I love you.
    Dearest Husband,
    It's says I'm blocked from your email and I haven't heard from you. Please give me a call.
    I went to get gas and the credit card declined. I called and they said I'm not authorized to use the card that we opened. My Spider-Man account was also closed Husband. Don't be a coward. Call me.

    “Disguised as God”
    “Booga Town” by Rebecca Stinson


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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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