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    “Dearest Husband”, May - by Salute Da Philosopher & Dearest


    May 1

    Dearest Husband, 

    My heart is filled with love for you but the pain of leaving you there doesn't get better with time. You keep a smile on your face like it's not you with the bid and after all these years you stay positive. When you go back behind that steel door I feel like I'm the one in a cell and this is just some crazy dream where you are more free than me. I'm breathing through my nose as you told me to though. 
    It was as if 6 hours flew by today. I wish I had the money for a room near the prison because I would definitely have stayed over. One more day to just hold your hand and talk about everything and really nothing. You have the most beautiful hands and the wedding band on your finger is all they will let me give you for now. I long for the day when you can place one on my hand. 
    I am just ready for you to be released. I'm ready for you to come home. I know you feel some kind of way with me getting an apartment but we couldn’t live with Nana. And we need to learn how to be husband and wife. I have been practicing being your wife for many years. My cooking is tight, my housekeeping is tight, my body is tight; just managing money is where I fall short. Not preaching anymore has me lost but I feel like we are going to win in the end. I hate I filed this lawsuit against Daddy but he has to understand you are my husband and nothing can change that. 
    Babe, the kids love having their own room. I made sure they had beds and I am going to do what you said and sleep on the floor until you come home. Partly because I can't afford a bed but also because that's something we should get together. 
    My heart is filled with joy Hun, and if it all ended today, I have no regrets. I love you husband even if I can't touch you. The same sky that you look up at is the one I see. I feel you in my soul. Eva

    May 11

    Dearest Wifey,

    I love you sweetie. Why did this letter from my wife take so long? I know you were sick last week but today is Tuesday and I hadn’t received a postcard or anything. I’m sad because I want to hear from you everyday and its been since last Friday Hun. I hope this letter finds my Stanka-a-Pooh in the best health and spirits. Your husband’s chillin’. Just ready to get out of the SHU so I can correspond with my wife like I want to. I can’t wait to hear your voice and see your beautiful face. I miss the hell out of you. You are constantly on my mind. I am so ready to love on your freaky butt. I can’t help but count the months. Time is going to fly by when I reach my destination and get on schedule. I’m excited to see you babe. I have been relaxing. I hope I don’t become lazy back here. I have 12 to 18 months to get beach body ready for you. You need to go ahead and get it right too because I can’t push you in a wheelchair on the beach. I love you still no matter what though. You stuck Chuck.  Every time you and the kids come see me its like a breath of fresh air. For real. Being in here is very challenging and stressful because all I think about is my wife and kids. I'm ready to get out so I can be there for yall hands on. Visitation, letters and phone calls are cool but also limited. I'm ready for our forever happiness that we promised each other. I'm ready to pay you back and show you how much I appreciate all the sacrifices you made for me. Thank you babe for everything you have done for me and are doing for me. You're my life and I'm forever indebted to you. It takes a strong woman to stay faithful and committed to a person in my situation, but you make it look as tho it's a piece of cake. My superwoman! Not even these walls can stop our love or break our bond. Yes I wish that you would've had the money so you could've visited again, but I'm grateful for our 6 hours we did get to spend together and it will hold me over until next time. There are plenty of individuals in here that don't even receive letters or money, less than a visit, so I can't complain. Babe, you sleep on the floor and when I get home I will get us the most beautiful bedroom set you ever laid your eyes on. I wish you stayed with Nana. She would have taken care of you and the kids until I got home. We needed to save all the money we could. Sometimes you don’t listen to your husband but you got the apartment now, so no need to talk about it. I don’t like it when my brother helps you. You don’t know him like me. Well, kiss my babies. I hope this letter uplifts your spirits. I hate to end it because I can write a marathon when it comes to you and one day maybe I will, but for now I'ma let this one fly in the wind. I love you today, tomorrow, forever and always, your Husband, Pent

    May 18

    Dearest Husband, 

    Just got your letter and I read it while I was working out this morning. I don’t know about a bikini body but I am going to get into some type of swim suit. I needed your “lift me up”. It’s just really lonely facing it all without you. You see, I was feeling some kind of way and at first I didn't think much to mention it to you but we don't keep things from each other. So, Officer Thorne said something funny to me. She is usually so upbeat and positive about us but last visit she wasn't feeling us at all. She asked me why do I come to this prison to see you. She seemed annoyed when she inquired. She told me to leave you alone. Flat out. I asked her why she would say that but she wouldn't say anymore and stayed away from me for the remainder of the visit. Now you know Officer Thorne and I always get along. She has my back with getting through check and all but it was nothing like that this visit. I've never felt like you would cheat but today I'm feeling uncertain by her behavior. I just don't know why she would say something like that. I don’t know. Just always be honest with me and promise to never humiliate me. I walk in shame constantly from your family and mine too. No one seems to understand us Hun and they are looking for us to fail. If we fail, let it be between us and let's not drag the world into it. Well I miss you so. I will open up the place on Friday. I took off just to get there. I love you even more than your writing a marathon. I never thought I could love someone this way. You make my heart smile. Eva

    May 25

    I'm glad that my letter helped you out. Dig this tho, I don't fuckin’ know what that was all about with the guard. Don't piss me off! Maybe she wants your spot. I swear Eva, I love everything about you, except for your mouth. You need to focus on us. I'm tired of your nagging. Cut the shit out damn it. Follow my lead. Are you really made for this? Your husband needs you to be Ford tough. Make sure you handle that business I told you to handle. My time is almost up so don't fuck up before I get out. Do as I say. This letter is short because I'm pissed off Eva. I should be out of the SHU tomorrow. 

    He Ain’t Yo Husband
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