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    ​Mother, when you don’t care . . . when even you are desensitized to the petty comments and retorts on Social Media by young people . . . when you don’t hear them calling each other bitches and hoes on Instagram or you don’t see them pimping tweets to each other and you just scrolls on; “Houston we may have a problem.” I remember a time when you could tell somebody else’s child to “fix yo damn face.” “Stop being fast” was my grandma’s favorite and she would tell girls right up in the store that weren’t none of hers that. “I’m not one of your lil’ friends”, my auntie would say when I tried to get all too familiar. What happen to, “do I look like booboo the fool”. I just miss them days because right about now the inmates are running the asylum and some horrible acts of humiliation and violence are being perpetrated on our children, on our Black children. We forgot about the young girl getting killed at a hotel party in Chicago some years ago or the young man being rolled up in a gym mat. But these baffling accurances start by mama and daddy not checking they kids. Who lets their children hurt other children? Most situations could probably be deescalated with somebody mama sayin, “keep playing and see what happens”. But no, you rather emoji on the damn nonsense posted or say something stupid that’s not uplifting to anyone. You rather, laugh and mock along with a bunch of kids not considering, somebody else’s child is getting hurt in the process. What happened to Big Mama? “Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash”, days are over I guess. But these kids are dying without our guidance. They are bullying to the death and this new mama . . . daddy . . . cousin wants to stay quiet, wants to be their friend. My mama use to say in the quickness, “I’m not yo friend”. I don’t know. I feel some kind of way about what we’re doing. Where are you at mama? 

    Forgiving My Father

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    Sunday, 25 August 2019
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