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    Joseph, A True Stepdaddy


    When I say Joseph was the best that ever did it, you best believe it. He was the eptimone of grace.  In a time when masculinity and male dominance trumped love, I know there had to be beef between him and Mary returning to the tent after finding out she was carrying a child not conceived by him. “You are not the father.” The worst Maury Polwich results possible. He could of thrown her to the wolves, in which at 12 her fate would have been death. He could of made her a harlot, a Jezebel of sort. He could of ran from what may have been seen as a terrible problem but he sacrificed. He sacrificed for marriage and covenant. He sacrificed his pride and believed in the gift. He contemplated divorce and for God to send His angel, I know there was strife but ultimately he made the right choice. It says he would not lay with her until the child was born. I interpret that as they had to go through some things. I believe they had to fight for family. I believe he had to push some things aside to love this child and forgive his wife. As we celebrate and rejoice, understand the messages of the Lord. Understand that the enemy would have loved Mary to have been a single parent or dead for that matter. Hold on to family. Don’t step out of Daddy just cause you the stepdaddy. Fight through the storm and have a Merry Christmas. 

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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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