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    Always Faithful to God


    I gave my husband my everything. I even purchased my own prison wedding ring. I created an island from everyone that I loved and when he left in the most vile and hateful way, no one was there except He above. No one was there to say, stop this, I know Dearest, this ain’t true. I laid in the valley of the shadow of death and no one could hear this; I really didn’t know what to do. I could hear the laughter amongst those who hated me. There assaults came quick. My name meant nothing and my word no longer sticked. So, now I choose the most vile and hardened people to be on my team. They exist in my mind, they appeared in my dreams. They fight this spiritual war on this battle I have deemed. Sometimes they cause me so much grief and it’s never as it seems. They never tell me they love me. They never soup my head up. They never give false promises and some even have told me to STFU. They can care less what I look like or if I make them look good. They actually have turned me into the solider which I needed a “lil hood”. If you ain't got a little grit to you, I don’t need you by my side. This team needs no validation, cause there all in my mind. And I pray and put God first, knowing He would always ride. He is all I thirst for, living this life for Him and my kids. I never allow that thing called love to really get me cause I would die if I did. It’s all about Agape. Just love and let it be. Show little emotion, focus on the Father and you will see. Don’t let your feelings over take you, know you can conquer it all. I do this because if that monster returns with his antics, this time it will be him that will fall. Agape🥀

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    Friday, 15 November 2019
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