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    A Tear for R. Kelly


    ​This is my first blog in 2019. Yes, my words have been a little slow. I’m now reliant on these memes; quick to point out how low trump will go. My annoyance with the government shut down has me truly in a funk. I am pained by insensitive White folks, frivolous calls to a police force that already stunk. I am taken back by how we can raise millions for boarder patrol and boarder walls but we can’t fix our healthcare or our schools, as our nation slowly stalls. Calls for redemption continue to go upon those with very strong deaf ears and although Black folks are in our Congress, do they really truly hear. Yeah, all this has me kind of down but the story that really got me sad was another Black Man pulled for his sins, publically humiliated, now this is bad. They just got Cosby for them pills and they tried to hem funny man, Kevin Hart up and just when you thought it all was over, Lifetime had Kelly’s head on a stump. So, I’m like is this our new culture, pulling the rich Black man right off of his spot? Cause the way they did R. Kelly got some Black people really hot. Let’s keep it real; he has been sexing girls, peaing on your babies for many, many years. He was making millions for record labels yet preying on the Black girls fears. I swear I’m not justifying it but read the papers and you will know what I say is true. If you sent your child to R. Kelly, he would try to fuck her too.  And as the government heard the victims and looked at each situation case by case, the point that these were just Black Women, with an oppressive history that can’t be erased. They didn’t mean nothing. It really didn’t matter, these were just black women, let them fall. Yet when his power became too much like Cosby, we have to destroy it all. He started owning his music rights and this power really, really, really became too much. Taken down by a sister; in that I was kind of glad but not for the motivation that the government would touch. Another legacy gone by government tampering not because he is a pedophile. He’s still in the clubs with them strip pole sisters and they still are driving him wild. An illiterate monster, a Satan of sorts which the government already knew, was not brought down by Black Women but a system that’s so, so scared of you. You see he has never been convicted for the crimes that we always knew he did. And they will let you think it was Black Women that sentenced him to this bid. Yet we know White folks have been doing this to there sons, daughters and other kids. Yet the persecution on a Black Man had to blow this off the lid. The death of R. Kelly, the destruction of his music will be an act that we can never lift. Banning his music, hating his person will not allow these women to heal because this was a set up, by big record labels and a government that doesn’t  care how Black folks feel. We have to be united. We have to protect our women before this ever happens again or the legacy of the Black man’s oppression will never, never end. 

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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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