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    8 Reasons Why Black People Should Resist #45


    1. Donald Trump was a racist realtor in the 70’s. He was charged with Housing Discrimination and here is the kicker, he was found guilty by a court of law. 

    2.  Donald Trump took a full page ad out in a New York paper calling for the execution of the Central Park 5; five teenagers falsely accused of raping a jogger. And here is the kicker, the young boys were cleared through DNA testing for rape yet they served years in prison. Trump never apologized. 

    3. Donald Trump is a birther. His ideals that said that President Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen are rooted in white supremacy. Here is the kicker, President Obama’s has shown his birth certificate. 

    4. Donald Trump refused/refuses to denounce KKK leader David Duke. And here is the kicker, he still won the election for Presidency. 

    5. Donald Trump called Hatti and other African Nations shit hole countries and here is the kicker he is in bed with North Korea and Russia. 

    6. Donald Trump claimed there were fine people on both sides during the Charlottesville Masacre, giving victory to many hate groups across the nation. But here’s the kicker, he has very little to say about the rise in hate crimes and mass shooting committed predominately by white men. 

    7. Donald Trump has taken the NFL captive by pursecuting players that choose to take a knee. Kicker is, he makes little mention of the police brutality and mass shooting committed mostly by white men. 

    8. Trump condoned Russian meddling of the elections and committed treason against his own country by kissing Putin’s ass for the world to see; going against our own intelligence. 

    Bonus: Where the hell is Omarosa with this tell all book? 

    Forgiving My Father
    She Sat Like Rosa Parks


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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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