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    12 Years for Lyrics??? NaNa


    We already have a dilapidated penal system, incarcerating Black men at astounding rates for acts that are “straight up” legal when done by white counterparts but the case of rapper NaNa is just too much. The Dallas native has been charge by Judge Barbara Lynn with 12 years for his rap lyrics. She is quoted as saying, “You're bragging about shooting a person. It's violence times 10 at every phase." Well how about those individuals that brag about lynching Black people or even hanging our beloved 44th President. This is power at its worst. This woman has molested our judicial system and destroyed another young Black man’s life for a non-violent offense. This judge should be removed from the bench and our communities should be in an uproar. With all the violent commentary that has come from the current president, this should not be possible. Now, I am not trying to deem NaNa innocent in this case because he was charged with a cocaine offense in February but the chump lyrics charges added an additional 6 years to his conviction. This is nothing but contempary Black Codes, Modern Day Jim Crow and Neo Slavery. 

    Who Will Be Left to Protect the King?
    You deserve flowers

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    Monday, 21 October 2019
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