Agape Voice Publishing

    Agape Voice Publishing LLC was formulated in September of 2017. It is the place where, "writers give sound to love". Owner, founder and CEO, Dearest Price, a self-published author, teacher, minister, and mother of two, began the venture to aspire underserved authors with writing opportunities. Using creative and innovative resources to build success, the full-service publishing company doesn’t place limitations on the author, such as extreme deadlines or demands for book direction. Instead Agape Voice fosters team building, individualized services and entrepreneurial skills. Giving authors freedom of expression and the choice of being "self published" or "published" by Agape Voice is one of our distinctive features.

    Dearest is a native New Yorker, who has advocated for those facing domestic abuse, individuals disproportionately targeted in the penal system and children dealing with adverse issues. Her first release titled, “Disguised as God”, made an impact in urban literature and surpassed all expectations. This book will be re-released in September 2018. The next book published by Agape Voice was, “Another Blessed Day”, by Teddy Easterling. This book caught audiences by storm, followed by our first independent author, Deek Harris who wrote an erotic adult piece called the “The Worlds Around Us”. This diversified our genres. Agape Voice Publishing also has a monthly publication called, “Black Line” which connects local businesses to promote local change. We have a team of active bloggers, a merchandise line and a blog radio station. Yet, this is only the beginning.

    Agape Voice Publishing is in Charlotte, NC where we are excited to open a new site in 2019. We are currently accepting submissions from authors with completed works. Our team works together to get your book published with professionalism and excellence.

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